The convergence of breakthroughs and advances in the areas of data analytics, big compute, mobility, IIoT and machine learning provide all the ingredients for deploying workflows that achieve a step change in decision making and automation.

Domain curated

We marry the power of machine learning with intimate geoscience and engineering understanding to carefully curate models and data into workflows that address a range of industry challenges.

These workflows are delivered with best-in-class user experience, leveraging advanced information visualization in modern, intuitive, fast apps.

Enabling & scalable

Runtimes are in seconds, enabling exploration of scenarios in the thousands, to capture decision envelopes or quantify uncertainty. This revolution in runtimes makes multiobjective optimization a reality. These near-real-time solutions unlock integration opportunities with a fuller suite of workflows across the value chain, as well as enablement of IIoT, and automation in digital space.


Our solutions are deployed as apps which can be exercised from a variety of platforms (mobile devices, laptops, workstations).


The back-end deployment of our solutions is transparent to the user and can be hosted on public cloud (Google, Azure, AWS), private cloud (SoftLayer IBM, etc.), or customer on-prem bare-metal server.


Those of our solutions that marry first principles to data science are formulation-agnostic.